About us

Revolt | Noir is an online store that sells politically incorrect, alternative streetwear and other products.

We started Revolt | Noir because we wanted to give people with anti-establishment opinions the means to express their identity and their viewpoints in their clothing and do it with style. People with pro-establishment opinions have plenty of choice when it comes to expressing their identity and values in their clothing. 

You can find anti-establishment themed clothing and other merchandise here and there. But most of the products offered for sell are badly designed or otherwise not up to bar with the establishment supporting clothing industry. We wanted to change all that.

We want to be the go-to web store for people looking for t-shirts, hoodies and other kind of merchandise with politically incorrect, anti-establishment message.

Revolt | Noir and the domain are owned by Designtopia Ltd (FI24636994), an European company.

Revolt | Noir and Designtopia Ltd are the copyright owners of all products sold on this website.


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