Q & A or Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How long does delivery take? What if my order is delayed?

Orders are typically ready for shipment within a few days. Shipping times may vary from 3 to 12 working days, depending on your location. We don’t keep stock; our partners print products in small batches based on orders. Production may take longer if materials, such as specific shirt colors or sizes, are out of stock. Once the order is shipped, you’ll receive an automatic message with a tracking code. Deliveries are handled by local mail carriers.

Why don’t you offer free exchanges and returns?

As a politically incorrect store, our products may provoke certain groups. Offering free returns could lead to potential abuse. Covering return costs would be financially damaging. Dishonest orders and unwarranted returns could have severe financial consequences.

Where do you ship from?

We use several third-party fulfillment partners to fulfill our orders. Printing is done in the EU, the USA, and the UK, whichever location is closest to the customer.

Where do your products come from?

The origin of the products varies. Our printed apparel is sourced from reputable brands like Bella+Canvas or Gildan. The brands we use are based in the USA or the EU, but the actual manufacturing typically takes place in Asia or South America, similar to most apparel production today. Unfortunately, this is the reality.

What does “unisex sizing” mean?

Unisex garments are suitable for both men and women, accommodating various body types. The sizing corresponds to men’s sizes, with men’s sizes larger than women’s. For example, a men’s M corresponds to a women’s L. If a woman who typically wears size M orders a unisex shirt, she should choose an S.

Do your sizes match those sold in clothing stores?

Yes, our sizes generally correspond to typical sizes, but refer to our Size Guide if you’re unsure.

My shirt’s print looks worn; is there an error?

Many prints are intentionally distressed for a vintage look, which is a common trend these days. This vintage look can enhance the message or emotion conveyed by the print. If you suspect an error, send us photos, and we’ll investigate. We take quality issues seriously and will promptly replace faulty items. If you prefer a refund, we’ll fully reimburse you, covering agreed-upon shipping costs.

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